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United Kingdom


 Catalog no. RE14214
 Country United Kingdom
 Date 01.01.2012
 Face value 6
Category 12.0.0 Kitsch & Art / Painting, Film, Photo, Literature
 Type cinderella
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 Remark Kitsch & Kunst - Gemälde, Film, Foto, Literatur LAERNU Postag Cinderella, designed by Colin Edwards "Peddalunpuffen" (im Rahmen verborgen, Marke 90 Grad nach rechts drehen) Colin Edwards, with Alan Batley, were responsible for most of the Discworld stamps in the first 4 years. Since then the quality of those have dropped. Colin started the Laernu stamps as envelope decorations, rather than collectables, in 2005. The Continentals are in the style of classic stamps, but with unusual subjects. Yes they are images fitted in frames but that is the way with many official stamp issues. Those were his first solo stamps. I like that he added little quotations into the frames. Those do not translate straight back to English and you have to work them out. The Sportens have been collectors favourites. To read Pedallenpuffen you have to turn the stamp sideways. Again, as envelope decoration, there have been many variations in the stamps. Some are small detail variations, some mis-perforated, some in wrong colour, some print errors - all deliberately produced. They make collecting FUN
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