.                          RE23166
United States


 Catalog no. RE23166
 Country United States
 Date 01.01.2015
 Face value 36x-
Category 1.1.4 Historical Development / Ladies Bike 1876
 Type seal
 MICHEL no.no permission - if interested contact  Michel-Katalog
 SCOTT no.no answer        - if interested contactscott-bicycle-philately-stamps-catalog
 YVERT no. -
 Remark kozersky.com Spring Charity Seals, American Lung Association (ALA), TB Charity Seals; R15-ESFA-4-01, Images of Bunnie, Basket of Flowers, Puppy & Kitten, Robin, Floral front doors. homes. Text on Reverse of sheet: "Keep your Lungs Healthy ..." --- 1. Reihe/3.Marke: abgestelltes Damenfahrrad neben weißem Latten-Gartentor
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