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 Catalog no. RE23571
 Country Mexico
 Date 01.01.2011
 Face value 50x1.00
Category 3.1.14 Sports / Races in America
 Type seal
 MICHEL no.no permission - if interested contact  Michel-Katalog
 SCOTT no.no answer        - if interested contactscott-bicycle-philately-stamps-catalog
 YVERT no. -
 Remark Amerika - div. Rennen PROOF (ungezähnt), guadalajara, XVI juegos panamericanos, XVI PAN AMERICAN GAMES, NATIONAL COMMITTEE ON FIGHT AGAINST TUBERCULOSIS AND DISEASES OF THE RESPIRATORY DEVICE - CDMX comite nacional de lucha contra la tuberculosis; 5. Zeile /1. Spalte: 2 Rennfahrer nach re fahrend
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