.                          RE11634


 Catalog no. RE11634
 Country Switzerland
 Date 01.01.1944
 Face value 1
Category 9.3.1 Control, Tax
 Type tax stamp
 MICHEL no.no permission - if interested contact  Michel-Katalog
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 YVERT no. -
 Remark Überwachung - Steuer Switzerland, Canton Basel, Gainon O3/O35, MLH. 1944-1974 Fahrradkontrolle Fiscals, 27 different, complete for years 1946-1969, also year 1974. Fresh, bright, VF+ & scarce group. 1993 Gainon CV: 173.00 Swiss Francs. The D. Gainon Catalogue was last published in 1993. It is the accepted standard reference for the Swiss Administrative and Fiscal stamps issued by the Confederation, the Cantons, and the Municipalities of Switzerland. The catalogue does not distinguish between mint and used stamps. All prices are in 1993 Swiss Francs (CHF), which equals approximately $1 in today's rate of exchange.
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