.                          RE30645
Sri Lanka


 Catalog no. RE30645
 Country Sri Lanka
 Date 01.01.1937
 Face value TWO CENTS "CAVE" OVP (Edward, orangebraun)
Category 1.5.0 Sales / Advertising
 Type cinderella
 MICHEL no.no permission
 SCOTT no.no permission
 YVERT no. -
 Remark Vertrieb/Werbung OVP "CAVE", The H. W. Cave & Co Ltd was founded in 1876 by Henry W. Cave in Colombo/Ceylon - selling books, musical instruments, … Later Cave Co. included sporting goods with Rickshaws, billiard-tables, Singer and Allday’s bicycles, … Ariel Works from Birmingham made cycles under the 'Arrow' name for H.W. Cave. In addition to using a variety of overprint styles between 1884 and 1908, they also used the CAVE / COLOMBO perfin on issues of 1872-1880 and the CAVE perfin from about 1912 to 1963.
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LinkArrow made by Ariel Works