.                          RE31781


 Catalog no. RE31781
 Country Denmark
 Date 02.01.2023
 Face value 10x12
Category 8.0.0 Daily Use, Street Scenes
 Type stamp
 MICHEL no.no permission
 SCOTT no.no permission
 YVERT no. -
 Remark Straßenszenen Hverdagscykling - daily cycling - tandem - transportation bicycle - text on the on the reverse: Everyday cycling - Cycling for life - Denmark is known as a nation of cyclists. In a small and flat country like Denmark with lots of cycle paths, it is easy to jump on the bike and get from A to B quickly. Children therefore learn to cycle early. The bicycle is also increasingly used as a means of work, as it is environmentally friendly. The cargo bike is especially popular among families with children, and the bike gives the opportunity for many - despite physical obstacles - to still get out and get fresh air and good experiences in nature.
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