.                          RE32166
Cook Islands


 Catalog no. RE32166
 Country Cook Islands
 Date 07.11.2022
 Face value 2.70 OVP auf 4.10
Category 6.0.0 Tourism
 Type stamp
 MICHEL no.no permission
 SCOTT no.no permission
 YVERT no. -
 Remark Touristik Tourism, Bike Riding; 2 gelbe Silhouetten auf Fahrrad/Fahrradlenker vor Palmenstrand - OVP $2.70 auf $4.10? Portosenkung oder Währungsreform? Sold (and printed?) by Philatelic Collector Inc. - New York USA with following explanation: “… Over the recent years there have been several postal rate changes along with larger volumes of shipping at the post offices. To meet these changes there have been several overprinted stamp issues with the new rates. …”
 BS Magazine-
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