What is a "BICYCLE MAIL"?


If there are different views in the definition of a bicycle stamp, it is even more difficult to define a “bicycle mail”. Wikipedia describes the bicycle mail as follows:

“…… Bicycle Mail describes a specific category of Special Delivery, where mail was delivered by bicycle and is identified by stamp and or postal mark used. …… In some countries Bicycle Mail became more prevalent during periods of railroad strikes to keep local mail routes active. It was also used as an alternative to horse and foot delivered mail in rural areas……. Some Bicycle Mail was used for local routes in an unofficial capacity…….”


Here are some examples:

Coolgardie, Western Australia


Ministerial mail, France


Privat Mail, Great Britain


In these examples the transportation by bicycle is clearly evident. From Coolgardie there even exist appropriate stamps showing a bicycle.


There are also bicycle mails, which have no reference at all to a transport by bicycle, are unauthorized and nevertheless are very famous - for example Postes Moulins:

Timaru, New Zealand


From other issues it is repeatedly said that there existed a transport by bicycle, e.g. these marmalade glass stickers

Vaduz, Liechtenstein

with the following description in an internet auction:

 but this definitely was not the case: A horse cart was used (See: Rudolf Otto, Gemeinde-Botenpost Vaduz-Sevel 1918; Edition 1966, page 19).


There exist detailed articles or even books about the different bicycle mails. The book "Le Cycle et la Poste" by Jean-Pierre Mangin / René Geslin gives a good overview of this subject, and it is up to you to decide whether  to add all issues of SABE (Societa Anonima Barbera Editore), Coralit, Castiglione d ' Intelvi, Hammonia, …… to your collection or not. For example:


Today, Deutsche Post also uses hundreds of thousands of bicycles to deliver letters. Nevertheless this is no reason to collect all issues of the Deutsche Post. You can rather collect the cancellations of these licensed bicycle couriers:


Although many "bicycle mails" are not included in any mayor catalog, they are very popular with collectors and partly achieve considerable prices at auctions.

A clear answer to the question"What is a BICYCLE MAIL?" cannot be given. Perhaps the above remarks nevertheless help to get a feeling for the problem answering this question.