Meter Stamps – including far-fetched ones

This picture-gallery additionally includes meter stamps not obviously having a reference to bicycles or cycling. These far-fetched meter stamps come mostly from tire manufacturers, as there are Atlas, Barum, Bergougnan, Bull, Ceat, Continental, DEKA, Dunlop, Englebert, Firestone, Fulda, Goodrich, Goodyear, Hutchinson, John-Bull, Metzeler, Obiliceyo, Phoenix, Pirelli, Pneumant, Schwalbe, Seiberling, Semperit, Trelleborgs-Gummifabriks, Uniroyal, Veith, Vredestein, Wolber…. From some of these companies hundreds of different meter stamps exist – especially when they were or are operating worldwide (Dunlop, Peugeot, ..). Due to the large number of these "far-fetched meters", this album can only show a few examples of each.

From the obviously bicycle related items different city names and main colors are taken into account – not however different machine numbers, face values, dates and minor differences. The obviously bicycle related meter stamps also have in addition to the REM-number an individual RE-number and are listed a second time in the catalog chapter "meter stamps".

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